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5 reasons why you lose money because of your subscription page

If you are reading this, most probably you know something about subscriptions and how do they work. I have spent the last 7 years building digital products for clients, myself or working for some big companies, like ASK.fm or Printify. And guess what? It is hard to design a good subscription page.

Why is that? The answer is simple - you need to experiment, iterate, listen to your customers, be transparent, and provide real value. Most companies do not do that because it is simply a lot of work.

So, what is a subscription page that performs well? It sells your offer, and it converts users from potential customers to paying customers.

How to make your subscription page effective?

Here are 5 reasons why your subscription page underperform:

1) It looks bad

It is so obvious, but many teams still do that. Your subscription page should not only promise real value but should also be visually attractive. Use nice fonts, some not crazy colors, and structure your information to be easy to read. Good packaging does 50% of the job.

Bad example:
2) Poor customer experience

Your subscription page should not only look good but should also work well. Potential customers visiting your page should understand where to click to buy your offer, what to do in case of unexpected errors. Finally, your potential customer should get confirmation or directions on what to do next. Errors are the most important to look after. You won't believe how many customers even big companies lose because of bad error handling.

  • Instead of saying "Something went wrong" tell what exactly is wrong - "Please check your card number"
  • Instead of saying "Something is wrong with the payment" tell "It seems that your payment method has insufficient balance, please top up or use another one"

3) Lack of trust

If you want people to pay for your product, you want to make them feel safe. As a potential customer, I would prefer my money not to be stolen.

Apply trust to your subscription page:

  • Say that your payments are safe, and are backed by some trusted payment provider, like Stripe
  • You could even tell that you do not store your customer's payment data
  • Indicate what payment methods you accept
  • Tell that there is a free trial or a refund policy
  • Provide your client with your customer support contact
  • Ideally, repeat your product value
  • If using Stripe make Stripe account name similar to your product name.

4) Information overload

Do not make it hard for the customer to decide. If you want to put all your 99 features on your subscription page, most probably your potential customer will get lost. Alternatively, your potential customer will take time to think and will end up not buying your product. Write down only the most valuable features. Make it simple.

  • Value A
  • Value B
  • Value C
Bad example vs a good one below:
5) Pricing

There is always a starting price your offer will have. But then you experiment and iterate.

The truth is there is no one, single perfect price. There are multiple audiences ready to buy your product (it could be students, small business owners, bloggers, etc), and all of them are ready to buy your product only if you meet their pricing expectations.


  • Firstly, make a couple of tests and figure out your benchmark pricing (it will be your default one). Ideally, when launched, you would use Offermy's solution to test your pricing model using the split testing feature.
  • Test and set up personalized pricing for each of your audiences to match their expectations. It is better to sell to 5 people with an average 20 USD pricing than to 1 customer for 50 USD. Personalization does wonders.
With Offermy, you will be able to make as many subscription pages with variation pricing as you like to embed them in your landing pages. It will take not more than 30 minutes to have them live.


As a product designer, I see lots of products struggling from underperforming subscription pages. For most of my career, I was busy with customer monetization, and as my contribution to society, I have decided to build Offermy.

In short - I want to give the tool that will take all the struggle away and will help teams across the globe get more customers with subscription plans designed to be effective.

In a nutshell, Offermy allows you to create and manage personalized subscription pages that you can embed in any desired sales channels without coding or use as a direct link to land your customers directly to your offer. Sounds interesting? If yes, then check our OFFER!

I wish you all to have better conversion rates with your improved subscription pages. 

Arthur from Offermy
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